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Women of Inspiration – Maui February 20-26, 2017

This is an exclusive event for top female CEOs, leaders and influencers led by world class practitioners, and is the first experience ever designed to blend business, leadership, yoga and personal transformation.

This is a retreat style event that involves six days of deep personal transformation at the beautiful Lumeria in Maui. You will learn how to be a more inspiring leader, magnify your impact and apply global best practice gained from top global CEOs.

You will have the opportunity to connect to a peer group of highly influential entrepreneurs and women from Google, CCTV, Intel and other top European and Chinese companies.  Together you will go deep and you will unite to bring true femminine leadership to the global corporate and political world.

The event will be hosted by event organizer Ana Marinovic along with three other world class practitioners who come together for the first time to deliver a truly unique and transformational experience.

Be part of a first time ever experience for women unlike anything ever done before.  To access these practitioners would be in individual excess of $50,000.  This event provides access to all four world class practitioners and them working together to provide an integrated and transformational experience for you and for the collective women’s agenda.

For more information please contact Ana or purchase tickets below.

Women of Inspiration is proud to present these world class practitioners

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