Unique experiences for senior teams

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Unique Team Experiences

Ana has hosted personal and business transformation team experiences for FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies around the world.  Her warm and dynamic style in co-leading these experiences has allowed many corporate teams to fully integrate themselves on a personal leadership level, and come together as a team to deliver super returns for the company.


Ana in Partnership with Xinfu

Xinfu supports clients in generating super returns by partnering with CEOs and their top teams. Working across the whole CEO agenda, Xinfu challenges, shares best practice and stretches the aspirations of CEOs. From 2008 – 2015, Xinfu clients vs. relative FTSE share price performance was an increase of 543% (69% TSR p/a).

Xinfu’s core belief is that the best companies should be entrepreneurial at global scale, and that the companies should be united and at the heart of it will be a close knit fellowship between the CEO and top team.

Xinfu helps to build this bond through intense personal and business experiences that transform the company leaders, reset the company’s performance and aspirations resulting in a unified culture.

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We asked some of our FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 clients what they thought about their team experience and here is what they said.

“I have been a member of several leadership teams over multiple years, and I will say that none of them have ever reached this level of “fellowship” so quickly – this event created, strengthened and solidified a team spirit far beyond any other leadership offsite / training I have ever attended “


“I felt privileged to have been invited to the event and to be the beneficiary of such world class leadership training.”

 “What an incredible balance in approach, style, and presentation between the team. They just blended into the room/group. You never felt they were speaking just to speak, which can happen with most facilitators. They were genuine and truly provided value when they spoke. Good, fun, effective people.”